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Zero waste garden label

We have been trying our hardest to not use single use plastic as much as absolutely possible. We don’t use plastic water bottles, no plastic utensils, plastic grocery bags, cups and so on.

Unfortunately we do have to purchase food and our local grocers do use a lot of plastic packaging. Plastic packaging for berries and salad and so on. While we do grow our of fruit and veggies, inevitability we still have to eat and feed our babies.

With that, milk jugs are a huge plastic waste. If it were up to me, I would be able to afford a ranch and have goats or a cow and be able to procure our own dairy without having to purchase plastic milk jugs but currently, we live in the suburban area and are a family of one income so that is not practical for us for at least another few years.

We have been taking our milk jugs and washing them out with hot water and soap. Removing all of the labels and then slicing them up into flat sheets of plastic.

Once I have a flat piece of the milk jug, I then cut those down into small rectangle strips and then cut the ends into point.

Just like that I have a bunch of garden/plant labels to use for seedlings and plants. Just use a sharpie to write on it and wash-lah, upcycled plant labels.

Yes, I am in fact using children scissor, no shame in my crafting game.

This works really well when you are doing a large amount of seedlings or are gifting plants and don’t want to purchase plant labels.

How can you help reduce the use of single use plastic?

  • Don’t purchase plastic water bottles, get a refillable container and use that instead

  • Avoid plastic utensils and use normal silverware or purchase bamboo or wood alternatives

  • Use cloth totes or shopping bags instead of grocery store plastic bags

  • Bring your own containers to restaurants for leftover to be put into

  • Use a wood or stainless steel straw

  • Skip the plastic produce bags and use a cloth or mesh bag instead

The more of these items you purchase, the more it supports companies to keep on producing plastic products that harm not only us but the earth.

How can you help reduce the use and purchases of plastic?

Let me know your thoughts.

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