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Low Fat Low Carb Wonton's

I have been very strict on my RP diet template the last 6+ weeks or so and am at the point where I am beginning a new cut, which means less fat's throughout the day for me. I have a "free" meal or snack which included a wedge of laughing cow cheese a day and I typically put this on my wheat toast or muffin but since I was having family over for dinner, I wanted to try something different so I made a version of low fat and low carb wonton's. I love putting my GoWise Air Fryer to use for something other than turkey meatballs and sweet potato fries, I whipped up some of these crunchy treats as an appetizer to some shredded chicken tacos in wheat tortillas for dinner. So Good!


- Small Wonton wrappers

- Laughing cow cheese, any flavor, I used light Swiss and Pepper Jack

- Water



1 wedge of cheese made 3 wontons for me but you can alter them for your own serving sizes

If you want to add sprouts or other ingredients besides just cheese by all means be brave and go for it!


- place a small chunk of cheese in the middle of the wonton wrapper

- wet the edges with water and fold corners in towards the center

- Place in AirFryer at 330F for 7 minutes


Easy, crunchy, cheesy and delicious!

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