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Let's forage

I wanted to challenge myself for the month of August of truly foraging for food for myself. If you follow along on my instagram page then you know I have had a garden for a few years and it has been growing bigger and bigger every year. It is slowly expanding to the front yard, that's how much I love being outside, in the garden, growing our own food.

So, for the entire month of August I am going to live off of the food I grow with the exception of protein sources where I purchase from The Butcher Box. I only eat ground turkey, fish and pork. Ever since I was pregnant with my second child, I can't stand the look, smell or taste of red meat. Guys, I used to be able to take a super bloody piece of tri-tip and gnaw on that thing easily but now, I can't even touch it. Kids will do weird thinks to you. My goal is to be able to eat all that I grow, I would say 80% will come from my own garden with the exception of lettuce and other salad goodies that I may have to source elsewhere. 80% of my diet will be from what I grew, from what I started from seed. I am excited!

Currently I am growing this summer:

  • zuchinni

  • spaghetti squash

  • multiple varaities of tomatos

  • basil and an abundance of other herbs

  • watermelon

  • pumpkins

  • yellow squash

  • peppers

  • loofa's

  • cucumbers

  • Peach

  • Necterines

  • tomatillos

80% guys, think I can do it and am certainly excited to try. Yes I eat the food we grow but this will really force my hand to only eat what is provided by our own garden with the very very few times I may have to grab something from the store.

Stay tuned later this month for my August happiness project update. So far, this months goals are great. I find myself smiling at more strangers and giving complements that maybe I wouldn't have said before. I am trying to be nicer to strangers and give love where love is deserved. I have a few ideas for next month, I just haven't landed on one yet.



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