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How's it going?

It's been a hot minute since I posted an actual life update. I tend to look past my website more often then not since I post a lot on Instagram.

In the last few months, we have celebrated birthdays, 3 just in November! Went to Disneyland, built a greenhouse (post soon about that), hosted Thanksgiving, decorated for Christmas and I worked a ridiculous amount of overtime. We were able to cross a few things off of our 2019 bucket list but we still have more on there than I would like.

Per usual I have about 7 projects all going on at the same time, I work best that way. I don't know why or how but I have a difficult time focusing on one thing at a time. I think it's because I need a mental break from each project to clear my head so I move onto the next. I finish all my projects, they just might take me a little bit longer which I am ok with. Slow and steady right? For example, my greenhouse is built, but still no roof, my backyard is covered in weed fabric with a large dirt and rock pile ready to be filled in, I don't have any interior projects at the moment because I want to finish the backyard but you better believe I have a list of new designs for several things inside my house. I also got a lead trainer position at work so I have like 3 different projects going on there too. I love to stay busy though, keeps me fresh, keeps my inspiration and want/need to learn active.

The tiny humans are busy. Our now 3 year old is finishing up her toddler program and will be transitioning into pre-k. It's fine, I'm fine, I'm not crying....... Our 1 year old never..ever..stops moving. That girl is non-stop all day long. At the end of the day after they head to bed, I could be doing so much more around the house but after chasing them around all day, I usually pass out shortly after them haha. But, this has motivated me to keep the house cleaner and more organized through the day/week so I don't have to do it later on in the evening.

Speaking of keeping organized, it is almost that time of year again when I purge all the things and de-clutter. We already started this actually, during Christmas time, we are going to have the kiddos fill up an entire box of toys and stuff they do not play with anymore and donate it before Santa brings us new toys. I usually find the biggest box I have to fill up. This gets rid of a lot of unused toys and items that are no longer in use. Year after year, we buy less "things" for Christmas, less gifts, less waste, less paper products, etc and transition into more sustainable living, more experiences versus things, more eco friendly items and the biggest thing that has helped me this year is to not just go out and shop! Now, I shop intentionally. If I don't need something or have a spot already picked out for something, I will leave it at the store. Even though this hurts real bad sometimes, because I LOVE to shop, it has definitely helped us have less crap around the house collecting dust. Everything now must have a place, and all the storage bins full of stuff we never use or look at, has mostly gone to donation. Trying to implement a rule that if we haven't used something in the last 6 months, it has to go.

I will be posting more about our greenhouse and backyard updates soon and our bucket list for 2020!



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