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Happiness Project #1

There are many things happening in the world today and I am trying my damnedest to stay positive and to be a light for others. I have been reading (aka audio book) The Happiness Project by: Gretchen Rubin and it is really hitting home for me. I tend to read books about leadership and self help and non-fictional stories but lately anything that helps me find happiness, balance and can help me spread joy to others is my jam. Do you have any recommendations for me on what to read next?

Anywho, I wanted to incorporate a few goals for myself this year to bring the best out of the remaining time of 2020. The beginning of this year much like many of us has been, well straight pile of crap from plant bullshit, but that doesn’t mean we can’t try to turn things around that we have control and power over! This includes working on self happiness and projecting happiness and spreading joy and love, making others happy. Just how am I going to do this?..... Well, I am making 6 goals for the rest of the year and since we are almost half way into June, I am going to just combine June and July as one.

I often refer to my happiness and corny little self as my “hippie bubble” but after talking to a friend about how yes, it may sound corny that I am trying to be positive and spread positivity, it makes me feel SO good to do so and it makes me feel even better when I see the positive effects it has on those who I am trying to help and bring happiness too. So it’s my kind of corny and I will be corny as hell with a side of sass for the rest of my life if it continues to bring me joy and happiness.  

GOAL #1:

I plan to spread joy anywhere and any way that I can. I am going to start simple, simple yet something way out of my comfort zone for me and I am going to focus on this one goal the entire remaining time left in June and continue into July. I am going to give compliments. Compliments to friends and family, to strangers on the internet and to people I see out in public, to co-workers and anyone I can. This will be hard, not the compliment giving, but actually getting out of my comfort zone and speaking up to those who I do not know. I have to remember to not overthink it and just go for it. Even if I don’t get a response back, I want to put positivity out into the universe and I want people to feel good. It could be as simple as, “ I love that dress!” Or “great job on that project” it could be a small gesture that may have a big impact on someone, or at least that is what I am hoping for.

So, there are still plenty of days left in June and then the entire month of July to get this going. One goal, one step at a time and this is a big one. Who wants to join me?

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