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First Friday Faves - Fathers Day

Fathers day is right around the corner and if you are like me, you need a little inspiration on what to buy for the dad in your life. I wanted to find things for my husband that he would enjoy and use on a daily basis so here goes.

This giant connect four yard game would be so fun to add to our backyard. Being outside is one of our favorite things to to as a family and this would be an awesome addition to our backyard games.

What guy doesn't like new shoes, I mean let's be real, I think they like new shoes as much as we do. This is both my husbands and my favorite workout shoe and everyday shoe. We are not fancy people and tennis shoes are what we live in.

If you are wanting to splurge a little then this is the winner for you. This is an awesome heavy duty cooler that keeps things cool for hours! You can get different colors and sizes. We love our Yeti water bottles and honestly, they were worth the investment!

This cordless circular saw is compact and has no cord people! Cordless! Seriously, have you ever got tangled up in all of the cords from your power equipment? It becomes a mess sometimes.

This super smooth, non-toxic Shutran beard oil is dreamy! Young Living makes non-toxic, essential oil infused products that not only work amazingly, but you don't have to worry about adding chemicals to your daily routine.

Summer time is the perfect time for grilling up some dinner every night. With lots of fresh veggies from the garden and so many recipes out there, the possibilities are endless. Make grilling a little more versatile by adding these grilling mats for smaller food like shrimp and asparagus.

Speaking of grilling, these man crates are so fun and they have so many different versions. This one is one of their grilling sets and comes with a bunch of stuff! They have ones with hot sauces, beer glasses, whiskey, games and more. I highly recommend checking out their website for all of the different man crates.

Hiking? Camping? Out and about all day? This is a really cool and high powered solar powered charger. It can charge your phone quickly and has 3 different ports for charging.

I hope you are all inspired by my shopping list, mostly inspired but items I thought my husband would like and lets be real, things I would like bahahah.



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