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Fall Inspo

Why am I thinking about Fall decor already when it's 107 degrees here in California? Because I can't wait for the cooler temps and to see all of the muted brown and yellow tones around town. Fall and Winter are definitely my favorite times of the year, as soon as it drops down to 75, I am in a hoodie and my legs won't see the daylight for another 8 months.

I wanted to do a round up of some of my favorite fall items for you only to hope spark inspiration for you and for myself! It may be a little early yeah, but I don't think anyone has told that to Hobby Lobby since they already have Easter stuff out for next year......

The first thing I wanted to share was a good throw, I like both light weight and chunky throws and I have way to many of them in my house to keep track of. There are at least 2 just on my bed and two or three on my toddlers bed. We like blankets, what can I say. This throw is a lightweight blanket that you will love, the colors are a muted orange and I love the subtle details. This would be great on your sofa with some big white throw pillows.

Next up is this adorable jute rug. I love the details and the fact that it's not a super heavy, boring square jute rug that you wouldn't typically see. This has movement, it's lightweight and not your typical rug. I love this for inside or even outside to help define a small seating area.

I am so in love with this tufted lumbar pillow! There is so much texture and I love the little pop of orange. Great as an accent pillow to add shape and texture and to break up the boring square throw pillows. This would even be great on a bed or large chair.

This yellow wreath adds a perfect touch of fall color to your front door. You can even put this above your fireplace, on a mirror, your oven hood vent, wherever! The texture is amazing and I love adding oranges and yellows to my fall decor.

I want like 12 of these black bamboo lanterns! They would be so cute in any outdoor space or on your front porch. You can dress them up for fall and use them in your Halloween decor as well. Great for outdoors or near/on your fireplace.

While I much rather prefer real plants versus faux plants, but sometimes faux works better in different spaces. For example, our guest bathroom has zero natural light therefore real plants will not survive in there so we opt for faux. Some people may not have a green thumb and opt for faux which is totally fine! The point is, I like to mix in greenery with any season/color/theme that I am going with. It adds another pop of color and natural element with your decor. I love little faux boxwood as they seem "less fake" looking too me.

Lastly, I will leave you something with a pumpkin on it. These dish towels are adorable and I really enjoy having pops of color in my house, especially blues and greens so these are totally my jam. If I can have a pop of blue here or there, sign me up. Love that they look to be watercolor but are still somewhat muted so they can go with anything!

I can't wait to start decorating for Fall but it still feels so wrong since it's so hot here but soon! I can't wait to share what I am doing this year.



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