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Encourage, Empower & Support each other

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Maybe I am in my own little bubble when it comes to this topic or maybe it is just the season of life I am in and the people I chose to surround myself by.

In the last year and a half or so, my mindset has really shifted. I can't pin point the reason as to why, maybe it was the birth of my second baby or the stressful weeks shortly thereafter. Maybe it was the people I started talking to everyday in my oil community, maybe it's just a part of growing up and realizing who and what exactly you want and NEED in your life.

My mind shift was not intentional until I figured out what was happening. I started to talk to more people, deleted people I didn’t care to be friends with on social media and even in real life or who brought me negative thoughts. I followed and friended people who inspired me, I stayed away from all of the negative B.S. as much as I could. Then I started to feel better and realized hey, this shift is better for me, how can I keep this feeling going? I surrounded myself with positive people, I surrounded myself by other women who are always encouraging and positive and push you to be better. I continued to shift my way of thinking and started acting, I complimented people more and encouraged others. I reached out to random strangers to let them know I enjoy fooling them on social media or that they inspire more. I gave comliments to random strangers in the store who told the mom struggling with her screaming child that, “girl, you got this, we’ve all been there.”

I like to think of this mindset as the fog of B.S. and negativity being lifted off my shoulders and what a relief it is. How freeing it feels to not be succumbed to all the negative crap the world surrounds us by but instead surrounding ourselves with positivity. Positive and influential people, better life habits, better relationships and most importantly, a better version of yourself.

If you feel like you are stuck in this fog, if you feel down and out or like every time you chat with someone, open p a social media platform or whatever it may be and it consumes you with negativity, change it!

Happy Thursday friends,



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