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My Oil Journey

I was introduced to essential oils last year and started getting into them because I loved having my house smelling nice. Before I was constantly spraying harsh chemicals all over my house, my couches, my floor, I fabreezed all of the things but then that became daunting the more and more I started learning and worrying about all of the harmful chemicals I was blasting into the air around my babies.

So, I started buying essential oils. I would just grab some off the shelf from Target or TJ Maxx, oblivious to the ingredients and the "fragrance" they add to oils as well as all of the synthetic ingredients.

I kept learning and reading and educating myself on products I was buying an using in my home. The oils I was buying weren't any better than the Fabreeze I was pumping into the air. If you look up the ingredients of "fragrance" you will see that it is actually a summarized work for a bunch of crap they smush together to make scents. Synthetic smells, synthetic ingredients, fake, all fake and full of harsh ingredients. I ditched fabreeze and the wall airwick air fresheners only to replace them with more toxic products. The cheap oils I was buy I was now diffusing in my house, diffusing chemicals that I breath in, that my babies are breathing in. I learned VERY quickly to toss the cheap stuff and that's when I got into Young Living's oils. I did a TON of research on oils, therapeutic grade oils, how they were made, where they came from, the community in which surrounded those oils. Endless research because I was at the point that nothing else was going to enter our house unless it was actually pure, non synthetic, good for you products.

I kept seeing Young Living stories on Instagram and while many people were trying to "sell" the product, I finally found a person that was preaching about the oils, that was USING the oils and how they worked and what they DID for you. Not only was I completely oblivious of the health benefits that oils provide, but I was clueless on how to use them! I thought I would use them to just make my house smell good, until I learned that oils are SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT!

I can't even tell you the knowledge bomb I was handed when I found my upline person and the information she provided me. It was the kick in the butt I needed to start making the switch to better oils and better products that we used in our home. Yeah I could make my house smell like an orange creamsicle if I wanted, BUT I could make my house smell like an orange creamsicle and having oils that support me emotionally, mentally, and even physically. Most oils smell amazing, but they ALL provide you with some type of wellness benefits. Do the research, you will see that essential oils go back centuries and people use them because they work!!

I bought a starter kit with all of the basic oils and that kit came with an awesome diffuser and a bunch of other sample goodies. The starter kit was an obvious way for me to get started because the oils that come in the kit provide many different benefits. Sleep support which is what we needed help with for our restless toddler, tummy support for the cheat meal days, emotional support for myself, the list goes on.

So we jumped in, we jumped in and literally threw out all of our toxic filled medicine in our house, the candles, the air fresheners, you name we, we tossed it out. Bye Tylenol, bye ibuprofen, benedryl? Not in this house. Fabreeze, gone. Bleach, gone. Cleaning sprays, nope-bye.

There are oils for SO MANY THING!

Emotion Support

Head Tension

Season Support

Tummy Support

Sleep Support

Muscle aches/tension

Skin support

Seriously guys the list goes on and on and on, it's amazing. I learn something new everyday. Something about a new oil, how to use oils, what oils are good for what. All the things.

Through our love of oils and products that were good for you, we also found Thieves cleaner which is an all natural, plant based cleaner that works better than any other product I have ever used. No lie. You can read a little more about that here, but I plan on doing an in depth post about how we ditched and switched everything in our house!

If you are wanting to learn more or have oils but don't know how to use them, let me know!! Curious about cleaning products? What oils to use for what? Ask me! Now that I am on this wellness journey, I love SHARING with anyone and everyone that will listen. If I can help bring clean products and wellness into someones home, I AM 100% IN.


Our 2 year old has never been a good sleeper, never ever. She always woke up multiple times throughout the night and would want to come into our bed. Once we started diffusing calming and soothing oils in her room at bedtime she has slept through the night most nights! We also use our sleepy time roller on the bottoms of her feet and chest to help calm her and promote relaxation and good sleep. GAME CHANGER! No more 1AM, 3AM, 5AM wake up calls. She will only occasionally come into our room in the morning but she now sleeps through the night. Hallelujah! I also got my mom started on oils because she has always had trouble with sleep and now she sleeps better throughout the night. THIS, is the most common praise I hear with sharing oils with friends and family. How they have always had trouble sleeping and now starting with oils, they can actually get restful sleep! So amazing.

My husband, ohhhhh man does that man have some terrible seasonal allergies. I made him a roller for when his nose starts dripping, his eyes start watering and getting red. He rolls it on his sinuses and WAH-LAH, he feels so much better and the seasonal suffer is much more manageable and less disabling.

I can go on and on but this post is already long so if you want to see more stories, follow my instagram where I share all the things.


Read this article of what "fragrance" actually is, google it yourself, see what they put in your products! ""fragrance" is a term that the cosmetics, cleaning and candle industries use on ingredient lists that discloses only that there are unnamed chemicals in the product. "

Per the FDA, oils that you typically buy from the store fall into the category "cosmetics & fragrance". The only law is that they must contain at least 5% essential oil and the rest can be whatever the manufacturer wants to add. They can be labeled "100% pure essential oil" with actually only having 5% of real oils.

YOUR OILS SHOULDN'T HAVE TO COME WITH A WARNING LABEL that says contact emergency serivces if ingested- let's think for a second, use your common sense. Should you be diffusing, applying, ingesting products that have a friggin warning label on them stating if ingested contact poison control. UH NO!

We are the gatekeepers to our home and WE have the power, the option, to chose what comes through our door. There are a lot of companies that can market the shit out of their products but be smart, read the label, do your research. EDUCATE YOURSELF!




If you are ever curious to see whats in your products or how harmful they are for you, download the ThinkDirty app. It rates your products from 1-10, 10 being the worst. For example the laundry detergent Dreft for babies rates an 8!!! How terrible is that!

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