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First Friday Faves - Easter Basket's

Easter is approaching quickly and I wanted to share a few things that you can add to your kids Easter baskets.

In our house, we try to limit the "stuff" we buy and have around the house so we try not to get those stuffed animals or toys that we step on in the middle of the night that make us want to curl up into the fetal position because it stabbed you on the bottom of your foot. You know the toys.

Instead, we like to fill it with all the candy, I am not opposed to allowing small children load up on candy once in awhile, you only live once right? Plus the joy on their face is totally worth the couple hours of pure chaos that will soon happen before they sugar crash to bed all night. Hopefully. We also like to add things that will give them experiences. For example, my toddler loves to be outside with me in the garden so we are getting her a little gardening pail and book about gardening. Books are always a great option too! You can find gardening supplies everywhere right now since it's Spring and the season of planting. This new book from Joanna Gains is so stinking cute and I can't wait to give it to her this year!

We got this Llama Llama Easter Egg book for her last year and she loves it. We pull it out of the Easter box every year so it's like a new book all over again.

Any kind of learning activities are always a win in my book. It can be flash cards, more books, activity books, things like that. There are even monthly subscription boxes you can get for kids to help them learn about science and math, etc. These are super fun and helps your kiddos practice letters, numbers and tracing.

Another favorite is sidewalk chalk. We go through chalk like crazy in our house. My husband and I built a little chalk wall outside near our outdoor dining area that our toddler loves to draw on, plus it's so fun to just go out and sprawl out in the backyard and graffiti every inch of cement.

Another fun thing to do is stock your kids up for summer, hit two birds with one stone. I like efficiency so if I can get summer ready and stock our Easter baskets at the same time, boom. Done. Gift them some sweet sunglasses so they can roll out in style. We love these "unbreakable" ones from amazon. They have a ton of different colors and sizes from baby on up.

Beach towels are another favorite for a summer themed Easter basket. Our favorite are hooded beach towels, they are super easy and kids seem to love them. They can walk around with them on and we don't have to worry about them falling over or tripping over a big towel. Plus, they have a bunch of cool designs and help protect their little bods against the sun.

Last year we filled out toddlers Easter basket up with a fun new tooth brush and new toothpaste as well as gummy vitamins and bubble bath. Those are all good staples to get plus, you'll "need" them anyways so why not buy them now.

Other things to get are experiences, by that I mean get them something that will be fun to do. It may not be an instant oOo aHh from them but when they see a ticket to an amusement park or the zoo in their basket they will be excited to go. Experiences are my favorite gift, this allows you to be with your people, loving on them and making memories with them.


- train ride

- amusement park or zoo

- rock climbing

- trampoline park

- scavenger hunt

- museum

-baseball game, football game, etc.

Same goes for just adults, gift your husband a date night, go rafting or paddle boarding, go to a sporting event or a movie.

Don't forget about your fur babies. I am biased and only have dogs so here are a few goodies for your pups. My little guy loves his "babies" so any soft toy he can nibble on is his jam. So, for the pups, we do get them a little toy because they are also our children.

Tennis balls and a chuck it are always a favorite go to for dogs. Our lab can play fetch all day until her legs don't work anymore. Great gift that lasts forever and you can always buy new tennis balls.

I hope this has given you a littler inspiration on how/what to fill your Easter baskets with. Get creative, think outside the box. Theme your basket or don't, whatever works and makes you and your humans happy.



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