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Clean Your Clutter - Kids Rooms

How is it that kids have so much stuff??! Like really though, toys here toys there, shoes, socks, stuff I know I didn't buy but now somehow it is taking up space in my house. So, this month I am tackling the girls rooms. We are moving things around and re purposing furniture we already have as well as hitting our spring cleaning list so it's the perfect time to get the babies room ready for her when she transitions in a couple of weeks.

My toddler has this really nice, but really big dresser in her room that just takes up too much space now that she has a Montessori floor bed. She has a full size bed now, so we had to figure out a way to maximize the space in her room without compromising storage. We decided to move the dresser into the babies room since most of her clothes are still too little or awkward to hang, the babies items will utilize the dresser more than my toddlers items.

This is the current situation in my 2 year olds room. Big dresser and big house bed to the right. She barely had any clothes in here and everything that was in here barely filled the drawers. (remember, living simply? or at least trying) This, like our kitchen counter, was a spot where we tend to throw miscellaneous items on top of, random clothes, accessories, etc. As you can see, it's the corner where all the things we don't know what to do with go to die, I mean rest.

This is the jelly cabinet I found on Facebook marketplace for $15. We turned it into a little armoire for our babies clothes and it worked out so well, until now. Her clothes are getting bigger and because this cabinet is small and narrow, her clothes are no longer fitting well.

This is what it looked like when I first set it up with all of her clothes. Everything fit so perfectly and it was functional and cute. We purchased these little wood bins from Target to store accessories and socks in and they fit perfectly under the cabinet.

Once we decided to swap the dresser from my toddlers room and the jelly cabinet from the babies room, I had to figure out how we would utilize it for my toddler. And, as with everything I do when I am cleaning the clutter, I take everything out and wipe it down. I then had to remove the back of the cabinet to get the shelves out and I gave it a fresh coat of white paint on the inside, I plan on painting the actual exterior of the cabinet a very very pale blush. I left the top two shelves for accessories and shoes.

I did the same for the dresser, took all of the clothes out and emptied it completely, wiped it down inside and out that way everything has a fresh start. Now for my toddlers closet, lord help me why and how has it gotten this crazy?! Half of her clothes were too small and needed to be stored away, her blankets were barely folded and thrown on the top shelf, lets not even get started with the mess on the floor. EMPTY IT OUT. I took every single thing out of that closet! Put the small clothes in a bin for storage so we can reuse them for when our baby can fit them, donated blankets and misc items that we weren't using and started fresh.

I bought this little cube storage rack from Ikea and am using it for clothes storage. Her pj's, leggings, shorts, skirts and blankets are all housed here with more room to grow if needed. Her chonies are in the bin on top but will probably me moved into the storage bin once we purchase some that actually fit. Her clothes are now organized and everything that fits her is easily accessible. The other half of her closet has 4 storage boxes that house her building blocks, waffle blocks and some books, that's it. If you were to come to my house and be nosy and look in all of our closets, you will find they are all half empty, or half full? We got rid of so much stuff this year it's crazy! How are we doing with so little clothes and de-cluttering unnecessary things in our house? Just fine! Buy one new piece of clothing, throw an old piece out. Same with shoes. Same with toys. Same same.

(def need to buy storage bins for this units!)

Back to the jelly cabinet, once we moved it to my toddlers room, I added two coat hooks to the inside to hang her dresses and maybe one day soon, she will have some costumes or princess dresses and this will be her dress up closet? A mom can only dream right?

It turned out so cute and because its much smaller and slimmer than her dresser, it makes her room feel less crowded. Her room is seriously a dream, I find myself in there a lot because it's such a cute and fun space.

The dresser has worked out so well in the babies room because her clothes actually fit and she needs more storage since her closet is only 1/4 the size of our toddlers closet. We are waiting on her new diffuser and a few more things before we transition her into her own room.

The biggest take away is get rid of all the extra stuff. Toys your kids don't play with, clothes that no longer fit them, accessories or clutter that is just wasted space. We have done this with every room in our house and it has made our lives so much easier and simpler. I hope this has inspired you to repurpose the items and furniture that you already have, move it to another room and use it for something new. Have a place for everything.




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