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First Friday Faves - Outdoor Spaces

While California is getting dumped on by loads of rain, I am inside just dreaming of Spring and bright colors, being outdoors and gardening. We love to spend our days outside every day with weather permitting so being stuck indoors is a struggle for us. I am always dreaming of how to spruce up our outdoor space and outdoor living area and wanted to share some inspiration with you.

If you haven't seen the new Opal House line at Target, man you are missing out. It is so beautiful! The indoor decor, the outdoor decor, the accessories, all of the things. I am loving their new line. A lot of stuff is a little pricey for me so I haven't purchased much but would love to add these items to my home, if I won the lotto, haha!

This patio egg chair is so gorgeous! I wish I had somewhere to put this in my yard and I cry that I don't have a good spot for it. It is so beautiful and can be styled in so many different ways.

This cute little rattan basket would be perfect next to an outdoor seating area, you could add a big plant in here like a snake plant or use it to store outdoor pillows and blankets for nights when you are snuggled up by the fire pit.

When making an outdoor area cozy, you want to think of it like indoor spaces. How can you define a space inside? A beautiful rug can give any space a definition, whether its a dining table, a seating area, etc. The same concept can be applied outdoors. Adding an area rug can define a seating area or a dining area outdoors and there are so many cute rugs for outdoor use. One of my favorites is this fringe rug from Walmart.

Outdoor string lights can make any space magical. We have string lights ALL over our backyard. In our urban garden, on our kids outdoor playhouse, strung along our entire fence, everywhere. Most of them are solar but in our outdoor dining space we have these bigger globe string lights. They add the perfect glow to any nigh time gathering.

For alternative seating, you can add in a bench swing or this super cute fringe hammock chair.

You can hang this from a tree or even a very supportive pergola. I love texture so the fringe is perfect for that relaxing boho vibe, add some cute textured pillows on there and bam, a cute outdoor chair you'll never want to leave.

You can dress up any space with a few cute throw pillows. These clifton peonies pillows are perfect for spring and the delicate floral design is great for adding soft touches around the house or outdoor furniture. You can pair these with a solid neutral pillow or even a bright colored pillow for more pops of color.

Every outdoor space needs life! Plants on plants on plants. You don't have to have a cluttered modge podge of potted plants, keep it simple. I like these metal pots because they are classic but have a bold design. Great for mix matching and they come in different sizes.

I have a hard time designing my outdoor spaces, it's much easier to do interior projects and honestly I don't know why. I think it's because my backyard set up is a little odd and overwhelming to me. One thing I am going to work on this spring/summer is building a huge outdoor farmhouse table to seat my entire family and to have lots of space for friends when they come over. I am going to start there, define that space and then working on a better seating arrangement. Once space at a time.

I hope this post gets you excited about Spring and being outdoors this year!



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