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Laundry Refresh

Happy Valentines Day friends! I finally finished our laundry area refresh! It only took me 2.5 weeks but that's just real life right there. There is no magic super powers for getting things done in a day when you work full time and have a toddler and baby at home, so, like everything else, it takes time.

Our laundry "room" is in our garage and it was just not a functional or visually appealing space. We had one tiny shelf to house all of our laundry items and then there is always the lovely Michelin man water tank. With a family of four now and a rambunctious toddler, and a baby who is the spit up queen, we go through laundry like no other. At least 2 loads a day, it's a little ridiculous. We are also trying to save money this year and pay off debt so this project had to be really budget friendly, luckily I always have a bazillion sharpies on hand as well as flat white paint for all of my chalk paint projects. The only thing we purchased was lumber and decorative pieces, all for under $40.

Here is what it looked like before.

So pretty huh? First I cleaned out the space and took the janky shelf down, then I framed out my mini wall, or temporary wall. I added a fresh coat of flat white paint that I already had on hand and then got to work with drawing all of my "shiplap" lines. Each line is 6" apart, level, mark, draw, level, mark, draw.....for dayssssss!

After I had my lines up, I sanded them down a little so they would be so harsh looking. Since this was jsut drawing on my walls with a permanent marker, I wanted to soften the lines a little. (take note of our dented dryer, hubs thought it was cool to try to stand on it awhile back, dun dun dun)

Measuring, leveling and drawing the lines were the hardest and most time consuming part about this project. I know I have mentioned it before but I am just not one for the shiplap look, at least not inside of my house. I love the way it looks and works for other people, but for me it just hasn't been a first choice but I did want to try something new and I wasn't going to be too heart broken if I hated it since this space is in our garage and it would only be a quick little swipe of a brush to start again with a blank slate.

I love how it turned out and would do it all over again. Don't mind the pile of crap on the ground in front of the washer hahahaha, what you see on the other side of this photo is a garage full of STUFF, like so much stuff that needs to go to donation and just organized, but I'll get there, eventually haha.

I did share on my instagram stories about our Thieves laundry soap and wanted to show you how I make a bottle go a long way. Since Thieves is super concentrated, I am able to dilute it with water and it still works like a charm. I picked up this glass gallon jug at Michael's and added 22 oz of laundry soap to it and then filled the rest with water up to the gallon line. This saves us a lot of money and since we do SO much laundry we need our products to last us awhile to be the most cost effective.

You may think that diluting laundry soap is against the point, but actually, since Thieves is SO concentrated, it still has the amazing cleaning power as other laundry products that may be full of chemicals and harsh ingredients, Thieves is allllll natural.

We also ditched our dryer sheets because those things are just coated in bad stuff, instead, we use these wool dryer balls infused with essential oils. Wool dryer balls help cut down on static and dry time, less dry time means less energy being used and wasted, plus you can use any essential oil!

I plan on making an all natural "bleach" as well as laundry booster soon and I will share that with you once I do. I hope I maybe inspired you to REFRESH a spot in your home and know that it doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg! Just time, lots of time




Wall Sconces

Gallon Jug

Laundry Sign

Young Living Products

Wool Dryer Balls

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