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First Friday Faves - Cleaning Products

I may or may not be a clean freak and trust me when I tell you this, I had every type of cleaner out there from bubbly cleaner with bleach, gel cleaners, "natural" cleaners, scrubby bubbles with foam, all the things you could think of, I had a cupboard full of it. Serious obsession, no joke, every time I went to Target I picked up 3 more different types of cleaning products. Those days have come to an end and now I only use ONE cleaner for everything.

After starting with Young Living and essential oils, I started to venture out into other products they offered and the first thing I picked up was this super concentrated Thieves cleaner. Seriously, this little bottle of concentrated goodness goes a long way and lasts us a few months, even with my constant need to clean. Constant!

After using Thieves cleaner and seeing how well it worked for every surface in our home and with no harsh chemicals or crud in the ingredients, we threw out ALL of our other cleaning products. I fill up a glass spray bottle with 1/2 cap-full of Thieves cleaner and 2 TBS of white vinegar that I made with orange rinds and then top it off with hot water. Not only does it work well on all of our surfaces and eliminates all of the grossness but it smells AMAZING. Sometime I will add an entire cap-full of Thieves for tough stains and sticky messes that my toddler somehow makes and it cleans everything with ease. For our floors, we use the following ingredients, I have used this in just a wet sprayer mop and I am going to try it with a steam mop once I finally buy one haha.

After using Thieves for about a month or so we decided to switch over to Thieves dish soap, dish-washing powder and Laundry soap. So far we are loving using all of these products and it makes me feel confident on what I am bringing into our home and using around our tiny humans. Now that we have one cleaning product essentially, our other goal this year was to have less waste. This was, and still is something I am struggling with, mostly because I am trying to find products that are environmentally friendly. One thing I found was this silicone sponge. I was skeptical at first because there was no way a silicone sponge could work as well as a regular sponge. I was wrong, once again.

This little sponge works well and it can be thrown in the dishwasher to was alongside our dishes. Now I don't have to constantly buy sponges to use and then throw away, I just use this little silicone sponge alongside a scrubbing brush made from wood and natural fibers.

We were also big paper towel fans, paper towels for all of the messes, spills, cleaning, all of the things. And holy cow are they so wasteful! I love paper towels, don't get me wrong, they are easily accessible and easy to use, often, but we just went through so many so fast all of the time and it is so wasteful. I found these organic cleaning towels to use and so far they are working out great, we also use microfiber cloths for things like dusting and glass.

I know this post is short but these products are the only products I use for cleaning now. It has made life so much easier and assuring that everything in our house is being cleaned by all natural, great smelling products and safe for the enviroment.

I hope you enjoyed reading about what we use in our home, if you have any questions about the Thieves products I use please feel free to contact me.



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