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Clean your clutter Monday

Under your sink

Everyone is on the Marie Kondo kick and purging all of the things, so why not share what I am doing in my house. Maybe it will help you find new ways of organizing, de-cluttering, living simply and having your space be functional for you and your family. One of my goals for this year was to live simply, and yes that means purge the things we don't need or use, donate the clothes we don't wear so they can be better off with someone else who needs them. Unclutter the junk! I have used some tips from Marie Kondo in my house, the biggest one is how to fold my clothes and to use boxes to organize. I have also used other items to help me organize my stuff that work better for me and my family. Now, this isn't like a weekend project for me doing all of these things, I just don't have time for that, so little by little and room by room I will be going through everything and getting rid of stuff. The first thing we did was purge our clothes, that was a triumph in itself because we had clothes buried in our closet that we just never wore and you know, the clothes you will fit in again when you lose the weight, the clothes that you love but just never wear because every time you put them on you don't like how they look ON you. It all went bye bye, why save clothes that just sit in your closet taking up room and collecting dust in hopes that one day we will wear it again? So after all the clothes went, we started on a smaller task we knew we could knock out in an hour or so. It's the little victories guys and although this was a little task for us it felt BIG after it was completed.

This week I am going to share with you how we organized under our kitchen sink as well as our bathroom sink. This is an easy and affordable way to organize all of the things and the same concept can be used for other places in your house. We also use the same products for our linen and medicine cabinet which I will be sharing with you all next month for Clean the Clutter.

First I will start under the kitchen sink, I want to throw out a disclaimer that under all of my sinks are just not cute, I mean, who's is though? The way they flipped our house and installed some things like the sinks and garbage disposal are just bulky and wasteful so forgive me for the crazy looking undercarriage haha.

Here is what it looked like before I purged all of the things and cleaned under the cabinet. Pretty huh? We had products in there full of gross chemicals, stuff we didn't use, things that were just taking up space in our house. So first thing is first, evaluate what you want in your house, what products do you use the most, what do you want out of your space? For me and my family, we needed room for our compost and the Thieves cleaning products that we have switched over to. This eliminated a lot of stuff and gave us room to grow if needed. Almost everything that was full of chemicals and junk we tossed out.

After you evaluate your items and know want your space to be, take everything out, toss the unwanted and unused, and clean your space to give it a fresh start.

(see what I mean by bulky and a lot of wasted space?)

Now you have a fresh start! Same directions apply to your bathrooms, evaluate, eliminate, clean and start fresh.

For the kitchen, we decided to put a boot tray down to catch any unwanted moisture that my leak into the bottom just in case, this helps protect your cabinetry and these boot trays are very affordable. Just measure and get the size you need.

I also added this little basket to house all of the old sponges that we use for cleaning and the heavy duty sponges for stuck on crud. Now we just use one silicone sponge for dishes instead og constantly having to buy new sponges, use and then throw away. I also used command hooks inside the cabinet doors to hang damp cloths or cleaning rags. Make the most out of your space!

Here is what it looks like now! One single little tidy section of the things we use everyday and cleaning products that are not harmful for my family. A few glass bottles for cleaning and fabric fresheners, our Thieves arsenal, and a small bin for our kitchen scraps to add to our compost pile in our urban garden. (no it doesn't smell if you compost correctly!)

For our bathroom, which is a tiny little space, we used the same concepts. I did add a lazy susan and some baskets for easy access and to keep everything in their place.

Purge it, clean it

I love using lazy susans for our bathroom sink! It makes life so much easier and is great for a tiny space.

I hope this has helped you find new ways to purge and organize!




Lazy Susan

Boot Tray

Small Basket

Large Basket

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