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Vanity Makeover

Yesterday I woke up sour, straight up just a sour patch and for no reason at all. Do you ever wake up like that? If you follow me on Instagram then you saw that I was just struggling yesterday and with a quick realization of how my morning was going, I knew I had to fix it. So, I loaded up in the car and went for a drive, just to break the cycle of being negative and to clear my head. I basically put myself on a timeout, a MOM TIMEOUT. Sometimes I need to check myself and know that things will pass and if I didn't try to change my attitude yesterday, I would have had a bad day all day. So, one little mom timeout and I felt so much better, my whole day turned around. Go about your day with the intention of being sour and negative or CHOOSE to be happy, to be positive, it's your choice. Be intentional about how you feel and what you do. Be intentional.

The little things that continue to make me happy and boost my mood are working on little projects. Little projects that don't take much time or a whole lot of effort that keep me away from my babies. This little desk/make-up vanity project took me about an hour one night after the kids went to sleep. Just a little bit of chalk paint a few new knobs and bam! Brand new space for all my make-up dreams.

I was on the hunt for a tiny desk that would fit in our tiny master bathroom. We have one little sink and it always ends up covered in all of my make-up products so I needed a space where I can store my items and not crowd the little room that we have. Luckily after a couple of weeks searching I found the perfect size desk and for dirt cheap!

I mixed up this chalk paint recipe from Natalie at My Vintage Porch, took the old ugly knobs off and painted the desk pure white and added new knobs that I picked up at Hobby Lobby. It only took me about an hour to paint it and then add a second layer. I still need to wax it just to help protect it from the moisture in the bathroom and the mess makeup can cause.

I picked up these cute little glass containers from Home Goods to organize my makeup brushes, essential oils that I use daily during my makeup routine as well as contacts, makeup sponges, etc. Everything needs a place right? I also went through all of my products and only kept the things I used on a daily basis and the few things I decided to keep filled up only one drawer so there is room to grow if need be but I am trying to live simple and don't need all of the extra stuff.

This project was super easy and really affordable. I have been using the same one gallon of pure white paint for a long time now and I just mix up a new batch of chalk paint when I am working on something. The knobs cost more than the desk I wont lie. I love how it turned out and now I just need to pick out a small chair or stool to sit on.

The vanity mirror can be plugged in or used with batteries which is how I use it since there is no plug on that wall. I found it on Amazon and so far I am happy with it.

I hope your day today is a good one and that this little DIY project brings you a smile or a little glimmer of inspiration!



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