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D.I.Y Puffy Hearts

Northern California has been getting hit pretty hard this week with rain and wind which we need, no complaints here! Gross weather just makes for cozy days inside and easy crafts to whip up while playing with my tiny humans. Yesterday I took a few hours to myself and for myself I mean I went to the dentist then hit up Hobby Lobby for some drawer knobs for a vanity I am making over (post soon to come). Of course since I am lost in the dark abyss of HL, I wandered into the fabric section because that's where my love of D.I.Y all started in the first place. Sewing.

I am already seeing Valentine's Day decor all over Instagram and Hobby Lobby just has an entire section of the store dedicated to red and pink hearts and bears and bows and all of the things. I just can't get down with all that. That might be your thing and if it is, yesssssss girl good for you, but for me, it's a little overwhelming. I am more of a blues and greens type of person, like deep greens and deep blues. Shiny bright colors and pastels are slowly, very, very, very, slowly growing on me. So finding V-Day decor that doesn't super clash with my staple items is hard to come by. Typically I wouldn't even decorate for V-Day or Spring or even Easter, but since I have tiny humans now, I want all of the holidays and seasons to be super magical in their own way. So here I am, wandering the aisles of Hobby Lobby like a lost child trying to think of ways to incorporate Valentines Day decor into our house.

I found these super cheap pillow case covers and they were 50% off so only $2.99 for one cover. Going this route is way cheaper than purchasing a yard or so of fabric. Textured fabric like this tends to get very expensive when purchasing off of the bolt so when I can find an alternative, I'm all over it. I got two pillow case covers for this project and have an endless supply of embroidery thread already at home as well as poly-fil batting. I like to use batting for small projects since I can cut it to the shape I need without filling going everywhere but either will work just fine.

First you will want to cut out several hearts from the pillow case cover. You can make a stencil if you wish so all of your pieces are the same, but I like a little whimsy added to everything so I free handed cutting out hearts. I got about 20 hearts total from one entire pillow case but you can make the hearts whatever size you would like. I even kept the zipper on one of the hearts, I like the texture it added.

Once all of your pieces are cut out, take your embroidery thread and sew the edges. Leave a small opening so you can stuff the heart with poly-fil.

If you aren't one for sewing, you can always hot glue the two pieces together. Super basic crafts right here, you got this!

I put a bunch of these in my dough bowl on the kitchen island and have spread them throughout the house for some subtle Valentine's Day decor. This can be done in any shape, Christmas trees, Easter eggs, bunnies, all of the things.

Enjoy and happy crafting!



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