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First Friday Faves

Hey there! This is my first time posting First Friday Faves. Each month I will round up my favorite products and post them here on the blog on the first Friday of every month.

For this month I want to share some products that will help you get organized for the new year and to start your year out fresh and clean.

Stay organized this year with this super cute Hearth & Hand planner.

I mostly use my phone to put in any appointments, overtime for work, reminders, etc. but I do love a good paper planner. Using a paper planner helps keep me organized and visually it just gives me all the feels being able to write something down in a pretty planner.

If you aren't into planners, maybe just a simple wall calendar is your jam. This one from Hearth & Hand is super simple. We have a whiteboard calendar on our command center wall but I also have a small paper calendar looking ahead to the next month. So right now I have the month of January written out on my whiteboard calendar and I have February up on my paper calendar so I can see future appointments, dates, etc.

This is a good one for your car if you have tiny humans. We always have snacks, toys, baby dolls, books, all the things to keep our little's entertained while in the car. This little back seat car organizer will keep everything tidy and has a little tray on top.

These cute little belly baskets are great storage for blankets, decorative pillows, kids toys and even cute for a plant.

This little label maker is magic. I love to label all of the things, spices, holiday bins, and my favorite, kid toys. My toddler has a little toy storage with plastic bins and for each bin I will label what toys go in which bin. For example she has a bin for dolls, one for cars, one for toy guns, misc. toys, etc.

These white bins are a great storage option for your panty and if you are like me and don't actually have a pantry, they work well in a cupboard too. I like to put little felt pads on the bottom of any baskets or bins so they don't scratch up the surface they are sitting on and are easy to slide.

And lastly, these little clear containers are basically in every drawer in both my bathrooms. They keep everything in their place. We use the for toothpaste, toothbrushes, nail clippers, hair bows, nail polish, makeup, and more. It just makes me so happy when things have a home and it looks nice and clean.

I hope you enjoyed this First Friday Faves! Until next month,



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