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Word of the year - 2019

I sit here in my disheveled family room covered in toys, puzzle pieces, baby chewies and all of the things and all I can do is smile. Typically I would have be having an anxiety attack because my house looks like this and what if someone see's what my house actually looks like on a daily basis rather than the pretty tidy instagram pictures. But now, now I smile. I smile because my babies are playing and having fun and making memories, I smile because this is my home, my life and I am beginning to care less and less of how my house "should look" and how or what people may think of me and MY life. For the record, I appreciate you, yeah you, reading my post right here right now because without you then who am I writing for? Yes a little for myself, but I write for you, I share my life with you because maybe, just maybe you can relate to me a little. Maybe your house is a complete disaster and you know what, it's all good. Maybe your house is immaculate. Maybe you are just good at doing all of the things. BUT.... We aren't all pinterest queens who live on the HGTV network.

Moving forward this year, I am excited about the new direction we are striving towards with living clean, doing more things as a family, self care and more. I want to keep the movement going this year with all the good vibes, projects, connections I am trying to make, all of the good things in life, all of the feeeeeels, the feeling of joy and happiness, the feeling of being enough. So this year I chose to have a word that is almost interchangeable. Literal. Emotional. Spiritual.




noun: momentum; plural noun: momenta


the quantity of motion of a moving body, measured as a product of its mass and velocity

  1. the impetus gained by a moving object.

"the vehicle gained momentum as the road dipped"

the impetus and driving force gained by the development of a process or course of events.

"the investigation gathered momentum in the spring"

synonyms:impetus, energy, force, power, strength, thrust, speed, velocity

I want to keep the momentum going on this self-care journey I am living. If you haven't seen my last post about some of my 2019 goals, go check it out. I want to keep on keeping on, do the things I love more often, make promises to myself and keep those promises. This momentum I have right now I am hoping will carryout throughout the entire year and everything that I do. I feel motivated. I feel like this path I am on right now is the right path for me. Something clicked for me while I was on maternity leave, something is driving me to want to be a better person for myself, for my family and friends. I can't explain what that something is/was but I am riding high on this feeling.

The goal is to wake up everyday with intention and the momentum to keep moving forward, to keep bettering myself and the people around me.

I hope you all have a great first day of the new year!




Happy Birthday to my momma

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