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2019 Goals

We all set out these goals or resolutions for the new year and in the past I've always felt superficial about what I wanted to achieve throughout the year. Yeah it would be nice to lose this much weight or yeah it would be cool if I could fit into a size small shirt and blah blah blah. But why was I setting those goals? For other people, for myself, or for what I thought society wanted me to look/be like. But now, the older I get and the less I care about what "I should look like" or how others see me, the more I care about is how things, people, and experiences make me FEEL. I want to feel pretty and fit and healthy, I want to be around positive people who care about me, I want to do fun things with my family to make memories we will never forget. I want to feel joy and be happy more often than not.

This year, this year I am setting goals for MYSELF. It may involve losing weight, it may involve trying to fit into those size 6 jeans, but I am doing it for ME! It makes me feel good to be fit and to be healthy. It makes ME more confident when I am not always trying to hide my body in a hoodie and oversized tshirts. It makes me proud of me, and proud to be able to run after my crazy toddler and to be able to pick up my baby one thousand times a day without being tired.

The last few months I have been humbled by experiences, by my friends and family, by bringing another life into this world, and as always, by what my grandpa would have wanted for me and my family. So reevaluating things and people in my life, I have decided to let some people go, to donate all of the things in our house we don't need or that don't make us happy. I have decided that the few people who really care about me deserve better from me as a friend and family member, so this next year, it will be GOOD, it will make me feel good, it will bring my family and friends closer together, it will simplify the material things in our lives. This year, will be a new experience.

Here are some of my goals for 2019, I want to make them manageable and not so big that I can't accomplish them. There is wiggle room in all of these goals and the important thing is to try and try and try.

1. Do more things

- I want to be able to have more experiences with my family, go to the park more, the zoo, go to the beach, make some messes, get dirty in the garden, do all of the things and take one million pictures.

2. Read more books

- I have already started on this goal with the book by Max Lucado, Anxious for Nothing. My next book was recommend to me by a friend, Girl, Wash your Face. I don't read enough and I want to read more books other than the 100 children's books I read everyday to my daughters. My overall goal is 12 books for the year, that's one a month. Manageable I think, and if I end up reading more than woot woot, go me.

3. Blog more

- I have a tendency to blog once in a blue moon but my goal is to post at least twice a week. I have a few things lined up for next year that I am excited about.

- First Friday Faves - I will be featuring a few products that I love one the first Friday of each month

- Clean the clutter - Will be featured the last week of every month. I will pick something in our house to clean and reorganize and share tips with you all on how to stay clutter free and organized.

- Home & Garden - I want to share more about my garden and what I am growing seasonally in the raised beds as well as just fixing up a basic backyard and turning it into a whimsical little playground for my kids. I also want to feature projects I am working on around the house to make my little slice of suburbia

- D.I.Y's. - I make stuff all the time from little projects to big garden projects and I want to document these and share them so maybe you can make some things for yourself.

4. Hit the gym more

- No this won't happen everyday because sometimes kids are sick and I can't take them or maybe this momma worked one billion hours on a shift and is just effing tired, but I WILL go to the gym more because it is my happy place and I enjoy working out.

5. Pay off credit card debt

- It's not an absurd amount but its debt and that's not something I don't want hanging over our heads. So pay it off - allllll of it

6. Take a self-development class

- I want to continue learning and even if it's only one class and has nothing to do with my career, that's ok.

7. Do a no-spend challenge (more often than not)

- I will admit, I am an amazon prime-aholic but another goal this year is to live simply, which means I don't need to buy all of the things, which mean less amazon, less spending, less is more.

8. Spend more time with the people I care about

9. Drink more water

10. Put more money into savings

- with spending less on "stuff" I am hoping to fatten up our savings accounts

11. Live Clean

- We have already starting doing this but we have a long ways to go. We are throwing out all of our nasty cleaning products, laundry items, air freshers, all the things and are switching to all natural items via Young Living. We have been using essential oils for a few months for health reasons and now we are switching over our laundry soap, dish soap, etc. It makes me feel 100% better knowing we are using clean products in our home especially around my kids. Our lives have already changed for the better using YL essentail oils for health, stress, postpartum anxiery, sore mucles, sickness, and more and I am excited to start using other product from them.

I have more goals but this is the jist of them. I want to put self care on the top of my list this new year and to work on being a better mom, wife, friend, and family member.

What are your goals for 2019? Are you making yourself a priority?



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