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Reagan Ember Reem

This is a little overdue but when you are enjoying your time with your new sweet little bug and a toddler, time just gets away from you. Or maybe it's just me. Anyway here is our newest little addition to the family making us a family of 4. Perfect number for rides at Disneyland and symmetrical pictures haha. OCD much?

Reagan Ember Reem

Born August 16, 2018 @ 11:34 AM

20" long

8lbs 2 oz

Reagan is just about 8 weeks old now and doing great! She is working on tummy time everyday with help from her big sister Harlyn. Harlyn is loving little sister and gives her hugs and kissed every morning. I can't wait until they can really play with each other and grow up together but I am not rushing it, like I said, time is already getting away form us and baby girl is already almost 2 months old.

This time around was a planned C-Section (unlike the 1st, emergency C-Section, terrifying) So far I feel as though I am healing well, I was up and walking around the hospital within hours of surgery and walking 2-3 miles the first week I was home recovering. With previous experience with a C-Section and helping my pelvic floor heal properly, I took things slow and still am. I was finally cleared to head back to the gym last week and I have been slowly lifting weights but most things are scaled as recovery is my priority to coming back healthy in the long run. As for momming, I am learning to do things with a newborn and a toddler most days alone while Hubs it away at school getting ready for nursing school. Some days I want to cry and give up, pull my hair out and lock myself in the room by myself, but most days I love being a mom of 2. (Hope that doesn't scare anyone, 2 is totally worth it) I will be honest, I was scared to have a second child. I love my first daughter so much I thought there was no way I could ever love someone else just as much, but like my friends and family said, you just will. And well, I do. How can you not love watching your oldest daughter hug and kiss her baby sis everyday and not have your heart melted? Its truly surreal. My oldest daughter is at such a fun age right now and her brain is going crazy with learning and having a sweet little new baby in the house is unreal. How could I get so lucky with this little family of mine?

↑ Just like with my first daughter, I posed little Reagan in my wedding dress and used my peal/diamond belt as a headband. Now both girls have a similar picture from when they were tiny goo's. The pink knotted gown is from Lou Lou Company and they are seriously the softest things she owns. I have several knotted gowns for Reagan and 2 swaddle blankets and love them so much! Check them out if you are expecting a little goo or know someone that is, it's totally worth the price and they have new design releases every week. Super fast delivery and great customer service as well.

For now, I am trying to juggle nursing and changing dirty baby diapers all day long as well as teach my toddler and filling her growing brain with as much knowledge as I can. The struggle is real, some days I feel like I am neglecting my toddler because the baby is so needy and the sign language channel on you tube is her friend, but we will get through it. It can only get easier right? That's what I keep telling myself :)



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