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Cedar Chest Makeover

Do you ever just see something for sale and know that you have to have it? I am always scouring the internet for things I don't need but have to have, like this old cedar chest I scored online for only a few bucks! I actually bought this guy awhile ago but never got around to showing you all the results.

With a little bit of help from my husband, we sanded this beast (by we I mean he did) and prepped him for some chalk paint. I used Rust-Oleum Linen White for this project. I actually like dark furniture better but for this particular project I wanted to try out something different.

I don't know much about cedar chests but I know that all of the women in my family on my mom's side have one for all of their precious keepsakes, mine currently is filled with stuffed animals that my daughter is hoarding but eventually I will fill it with photos and what not. For now though, it is a temporary toy chest in the family room where we live and breath.

I have no idea what the markings are for on this piece, maybe you know? But I thought they were pretty cool and didn't want to paint over them so I left the inside of the chest as is, plus this wood grain is gorgeous and I didn't want to cover it up completely. I just love the little scroll detail on the bottom and the feet, gives it so much character.

After I painted about 3 coats of chalk paint on this bad boy I took some sand paper to the edges to give it some natural ware and tare look to it. Finally we put it in our family room to be filled with toys! Haha but for real, my kids stuff consumes our family room which is why I rarely post pictures of it, because its always a friggin disaster but that ok.

Anyway, here is the final product! I love how it turned out and it sits nicely under this window. Occasionally there is a new crayon mark on it or stickers but that just gives it more character right?



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