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Hi everyone! I know it's been a while since I posted last but time gets away from me with full time job and growing another tiny human, but baby #2 has arrived and things are starting to settle down a bit. I wanted to share the latest little update to our home that was super simple to do.

I know I wanted a place where I could do a small gallery wall of candid family photos but I wasn't quite sure where I wanted it. I already have family photos in the family room and the hallway but where else could I occupy some unused wall space? Behind the front door of course! By doing this, it allows people to come into our home and see our family photos as well as use up a wall that would have just, well, pretty much have been useless.

I purchased this gallery kit from Home Depot and it comes with this awesome giant poster of exactly where you need to put your hardware. This poster, or template, is genius! We were able to figure out exactly where we wanted our frames before putting holes into the wall. Once we figured out the placement, we just put the nails in and hung our frames. I love the classic black frame and white matting, it's timeless and can be used in any room.

I added 8x8 photos to the frames and they fit perfectly. These are all candid photos taken from my phone and just turned black and white. I had them printed at Costco and they did a really good job and it was fairly inexpensive. These pictures can easily be updated/changed out as time goes on. As for the picture overhead lights, I just ordered these on Amazon to help brighten the area a bit. I still don't know that I am in love with this particular product, I wish they had a remote with a timer on them so it is easier to turn them on and off.

So far I love it overall and am super happy with how it turned out. You can take any small space and turn it into something awesome.



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