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D.I.Y Easter Garland

This is a super quick and easy Easter garland that is not in any way a pastel color. I wanted something neutral so the fresh spring flowers and greens could really shine in our house. I've never actually been a fan of these holidays like Valentines and Easter, I am just not interested in the decor or the colors that's associated with them but now that I have a daughter I am trying to make the holidays a little more special.

For this project all you need is:

- book pages

- card stock

- cotton balls

- twine

- hot glue gun

I cut the rabbits about on my Silhouette Cameo and incorporated 2 small holes in the ears to string the twine through.

After cutting out the rabbits on book paper, I scaled the same design just to make it slightly bigger and then cut out the exact same shape in card stock.

After lining up the holes I glued the book paper to the card stock then took cotton balls and hot glued them to the bottoms. Once everything was dry, I strung them all on a long piece of burlap twine and hung it on our fireplace.

I don't have a lot of Easter decor just because I have never really decorated for it before so my mantel is pretty simple for now. I plan on adding some fresh flowers and bright greens and I am on the hunt for the perfect Easter pieces to add around the house.

If you would like me to send you the cut file please email me

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