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Christmas Home Tour

I cannot tell you enough that the pictures I took don't even do justice to how sparkly everything is. When I walk into my house I feel so much joy and am really feeling the Christmas Spirit this year. I am still adding things here and there and will probably be decorating spaces until Christmas Eve but I am having too much fun to stop.

Here's what I have so far. My mantel and my tree are the center of everything so I wanted to make that little area really eye catching. My husband and I never really had a lot of of ornaments because all of the rental houses we have lived in have been fairly small, therefore our tree's have been on the smaller side. I put all of our ornaments up and the tree still looked so bare so I ran to Hobby Lobby and bought red ornaments and a few others.

(sorry I am not sure why my pictures turned out so grainy, user error)

I thought about just putting some fresh garland on the mantel, and I probably will next year, but I liked how everything turned out so I am leaving it. The only thing I would like to add is a taller, larger piece in the center to give the mantel some more height. Layering different types of textures and colors really makes my heart happy, I have a few different garlands that I strung together as well as some real spare pieces of garland I had from another project mixed in with some faux greenery to add volume.

On my buffet table I purchased from Wayfair (I basically buy 80% of my furniture from there, P.S. its on sale right now!) I added these little glass houses from the new Hearth & Hand collection at Target. These pieces are great because they can change with the seasons, for Christmas I added little bottle brush trees I found in the dollar section at Target as well as some snow and other small elements. They have these little houses in galvanized metal or in flat black, which I was SO tempted to buy but they just wouldn't quite fit with with everything else I already own.

I still have yet to find a big piece of artwork to put above my buffet table so that wall is very bare currently, just move your eyes away from the awkward blank spot on the wall haha.

There are a few older pieces in my house floating around like a vintage ceramic Christmas tree that belonged to my Aunt's Grandma. This is one of my favorite pieces that I own, when it's all dark in my living room the ambient light from the little tree is perfect. I placed my little tree on top of this hutch that has been passed down from my great great grandma. It was painted quite a few years ago but I love the distressed look and the olive color. We store all of our nice flatware and dinnerware in here. Great little storage piece and displays all of my pretty plates and bowls. I thought about throwing some small decor inside but I can't figure out what or if I even want to put anything in there.

My entry way has been bugging me because I cant find a good balance of Christmas decor or how to stage it. For now I placed a small sled on the coat rack as well as some red garland and a small sign. I am not sure that I am in love with this space but I am working on it. Any ideas? I'm thinking about adding some corbels to this space to define it a little better but that post is for a different day.

Sorry about the pups, they are just as attached to my hip as my baby is, who was literally hanging onto my leg as I took these photos.

For the most part my main decorations are in the living room area where the baby has limited access to. We did get her a real tree with some hand me down Disney Princess ornaments to put on it. Since we opted out on a real tree for the living room, we HAD to have one somewhere so we decided to let the baby have her own. The smell of a Christmas tree cannot be replicated by a candle or anything else, you just have to have the real thing.

With the rest of the main living area and kitchen I only added a few decorations. Some old fake garland I turned into small wreaths and more red beads.

For our family room I wanted to keep it really simply because that's where we spend most of our time and our baby plays in there most of the day. So nothing can be down low for her to grab onto and eat, because everything she finds goes in her mouth lately.

I bought some fresh garland from Costco to hang over the window as well as wrap around the large mirror. I bought another strand to hang outside but I haven't even tackled that yet.I hung a strand of ornamental garland on the window and used ribbon and some vintage ornaments to hang from the mirror. Besides that we dressed up our daughters teepee with a small boxwood wreath and that's it, that's all we need in that room. We LIVE in our family room so having fresh garland and a real tree in there makes it truly smell like Christmas which is all I could really ask for.

We aren't going to do much on the exterior this year, just hang some simple lights and dress up our entryway a little. Next year I want to get some lawn decorations and really go all out with it. Our street is a little busier so lots of people drive down, especially from the school nearby so I think it will be cool to deck out the front lawn next Christmas.



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