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Chair Makeover

I still have a hundred boxes to unpack from moving a month ago but I needed a break and to do something different than look at boxes. I have been trying to figure out where to put everything while half of our house is still under construction and it has been driving me nuts but the chaos is almost over. I decided to "borrow" this little wooden chair from my moms house, she didn't need it anyways so I might as well use it haha. I took before picture but preemptively erased them on accident so I apologize but just imagine this little old dark stained wood chair in really rough shape.

I cleaned the chair with a natural lemon cleaner and then lightly sanded it. I decided to use some chalk paint I purchased at Home Depot, which I have never used before, I chose the Rust-Oleum in linen white. Chalk paint is supposed to be this miracle paint and typically no prep is needed and it sticks on everything. I learned quickly after a few projects that is not the case, so I now clean all of my projects and sand everything before I even put the first layer of paint on. For this particular project I ended up doing 3 layers of chalk paint, I could have stopped at 2 but a third wasn't going to hurt so I went ahead and added that last layer.

After my three layers were on and thoroughly dried, I took a low grit piece of sand paper and sanded the edges to give the chair a more distressed and used look. I love how it came out and I plan on using it for some special photo shoots coming up. I will share those photos in a week or two so keep your eye out.


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