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Turkey Airfryer meatballs

These are so easy to make and you can add any ingredients you want. I am trying my best to eat clean and stick to my macro's. For me I get about 5-6 meatballs per meal which is roughly around 3oz of protein. They are great on their own or you can add them to whole wheat pasta. Very versatile and easy for on the go meals.

What you need:

- Airfryer - I have GoWise AirFryer

If you do not have an airfryer you can bake these in the oven

- 1 pound of lean ground turkey meat

- Veggies,

I used yellow squash from my garden and spinach

- Italian seasoning or fresh herbs

How to:

- Grate the squash/zucchini with a food processor or a cheese grater

- Put in a cheese cloth or kitchen towel and twist/drain so the veggies aren't so watery and all of the ingredients bind together

- Chop up spinach or kale, whatever you have on hand

(again you can use just about anything but I like simple and easy, especially trying to food prep with a 7 month old on my hip)

- Combine all ingredients in a bowl with fresh herbs or if you want easier like I did, just add Italian seasoning

- Form into meatball size balls and plop them into a single layer in the airfryer basket

- Cook at 390F for 9-10 min then flip the meatballs and cook for another 9-10 min

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