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5 Months old

Harlyn is 5 months old already! Her cousin Deegan also turned 5 years old the same day, how cool it that. Everyday I can't believe how fast time is already going and how much she has changed my life.

She is getting good at rolling over from her tummy to her back and can almost roll from back to tummy. She can lift her head up pretty well when on her stomach and she is trying realllllly hard to sit up on her own, we work on it everyday and she is almost there. She smiles and laughs a lot, especially in the morning time or when I attempt to sing. She apparently already knows my singing voice will never make me famous and laughs about it. At her last appointment she weighed 16 lbs and was 24" long. Her eyes are changing from blue to hazel and I am hoping she will get light eyes like her uncle and cousin.

We celebrated Harlyn's first Easter and she loved nawing on all the plastic eggs. She got to visit her cousin and watch him hunt for eggs and we got to hang out with family for a few before she started screaming again. We believe she is beginning to teeth because she likes to scream/cry at the top of her lungs and is eating everything. (SO MUCH DROOL) She loves frozen chew's and has been nibbling on those to help with her sore gums. Despite her mouth bothering her, she is a pretty happy baby is is slowly going from a terrible sleeper to a much better sleeper. I really miss her when I am working because I am sleeping during the day when she is most active but on my days off we have a ton of fun together. She likes going to the gym and hanging out with her uncle in the bajorn carrier and looking at everyone suffer through their workouts. Soon she will be getting in on the barbell action but for now she is just taking notes. We also just started introducing oatmeal cereal in her diet but she only is eating a very tinnnnny amount so far. She seems very interested in what we are eating so we are thinking she is ready to try something new in her food options. Next I think we will try avocados, who doesnt love avocado?

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