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Little Bean

Today is Harlyn's due date but she decided to come into this world a couple of weeks early. I wanted to share her birth story and update everyone on the last few weeks.

Harlyn Elizabeth Reem

Born 11-18-2016 @ 1757

6 lbs 13 oz . . . 17" long

Born at 36 weeks & 4 days

I went out on maternity leave 11/7/2016 and had a solid 6 days off work before Harlyn arrived. My first week I was able to just relax and do little last minute tasks around the house to get everything ready. By the beginning of my second week off from work I was in the hospital or doctors office every day. First it was just normal check ups, then it turned into monitoring me everyday because my blood pressure spiked, then Harlyn's heart rate dropped. I ended up being at the hospital for hours for monitoring. I went in on Friday November 18th for more heart rate and blood pressure monitoring which I thought would be no big deal. I was assuming I would be there an hour and then make it home in time for lunch. Not the case. Our lives were about to change in a BIG way!

I was in a room hooked up to machines, blood pressure cup pumping and belly band monitoring baby's heart rate. My blood pressure was in the 160's then continued to spike past 170 and I was rushed over to labor and delivery for closer monitoring. So there I am, being wheel chaired across the hospital for more monitoring, ok, I can handle this, it's just more monitoring - no biggie. Once I got over to labor and delivery they hooked me up again and did more monitoring and then the doctor came in and told me I needed to be induced- uh ok. (guess I am not going home now)

So again I was moved into another room, hooked up to an IV which took over an hour because my hands/arms were so swollen and the plan was to get ready to have baby, get ready to be induced. Well that was already a big shocker to us and freaked me out so I was stressing about that. 10 minutes into being hooked up to the IV and about to get the medications to be induced, Harlyn's heart rate dropped too low and they called out on the loud overhead speaker, "Code C" or something like that, which was everyone gear up, its go time. Within a blink of an eye 20 people where in my room, stripping me down and wheeling me over to ER for an emergency C section. I didn't even have time to breath, to think or to even say by to my husband. It all happened so fast that by the time I realized what was going on, I already couldn't feel my legs. I was laying on the ER table shaking so bad I had to be given extra medications to control my trembling. My husband was finally able to come into the room and by that time I was already cut open and baby was on her way out.

I have NEVER been so terrified in my whole life

After a very traumatizing and very expedited experience, Lance and I were able to meet out little bean for the first time.

In the end, Kaiser told me that I had mild preclampsia and have had it for at least the whole week I was being monitored but neglected to mention ANYTHING to me about it. (not the first time you have done this Kaiser -shame shame) So I am sure you can understand my frustrations there. There were other complications with the baby that I won't go into but she is healthy and happy now which is all that matters. My little miracle baby.

Now that we are home and Harlyn is 2 weeks old, we are starting to really get into the swing of things. Well, kind of. She is a sleepy little baby which I am not complaining about at all, she only wakes up a few times a night to eat and she just started tummy time and has some pretty good neck strength if I do say so myself.

We are excited to continue this journey and hopefully it will be smooth sailing from here but since she came into this world with a bang, I expect nothing less than more crazy shenanigans from this girl.

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