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36 weeks

Today marks 36 weeks down and 4 more to go!

This is the first week of my weekly appointments, previously they were every four weeks and now I get to go get pocked and prodded every single week. At today's appointment baby H is measuring right on track and head down. She is supposedly around 5lbs and is moving around in there like crazy. My size medium shirts are noooot really working out for me anymore, they are starting to turn into crop tops, the baby belly keeps peeking out of the bottom.

Since my last blog post I had two more baby showers and they were both so cute and I couldn't have asked for anything better. I have a lot of great friends in my life (people actually like me? so weird) and they all worked hard hosting my baby showers. Both of them turned out great and it is always nice to be able to see everyone's faces. Baby H is all ready to go now with all of her necessities and cute little clothes. All we have to do now is a few loads of baby laundry, pack our hospital bags and wait, wait, wait.

How's mom?

I have been good so far. Normal symptoms like being really tired and extreme prego brain. (it's really bad) The worst thing so far is the swelling in my feet/ankles and fingers/arms. My feet look like they were stung by a bee and barely fit into my shoes anymore and the swelling in my arms are so bad I can't hold things. I cant make a fist so it's nearly impossible to hold a cup of water or a brush to brush my hair. Other than that I am feeling ok, mobility is getting a little more difficult but I am still trying to move around and workout as much as my body will allow it. Since my belly is so big it's starting to put a lot of pressure on my back so I have to take a lot of sitting breaks when I am walking to relieve the pressure but I am determined to keep moving. I won't give up that barbell life since it's my most favorite hobby and I will SQUAT this baby out. haha

I know that the closer we get the more nesting I am supposed to be doing but I basically have been nesting my whole life haha. I am always cleaning something and organizing something so this is nothing new, now its just with a bunch of tiny human clothes and more cleaning than usual. Lance has been doing a bunch of hard work and has been taking over a lot of chores that I can't do anymore. He is in full dad mode and it's really cool to watch. It may sound strange but I kinda miss being able to get my hands dirty in the yard/garden, I love to be outside soaking up the sun, planting plants and trimming hedges. I also miss being able to bleach the crap out of everything haha, but Lance gets to take over all that for a little bit until I can get after it again.



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