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10 weeks to go

Last weekend I had my first of three baby showers hosted by my husbands parents. It was so pretty and so much more than I could have asked for. Every little detail was perfectly planned and I was able to spend some time with his family who we don't get to see very often. We also got to visit all the grandparents and meet neighbors that I have never met and that Lance grew up with so that was really cool.

After a weekend with the in laws and baby shower goodness I was off to a week of training. It was my first time away from home in awhile since finding out we were having a baby so that was really scary, especially with how big I am already and the uncomfortable-ness that has been tagging along with all of that. This was also the week that I received some nasty comments, although I don't think they were meant to be nasty, they were perceived as nasty and rude to me. I was asked by someone I know when I was due and their reply was, " oh really I thought you were due in October" " you are so big" "your baby is going to be big" Forgive me if I am wrong, but who are you or anyone else to say how big or small someone should be? I just don't understand some people and how they don't think before they speak. I know I am carrying big and that's fine, I'll have more work to do later but I am fine with that. If my body wants to be gigantic then that's how it's going to be. Gigantic. I don't eat bad, I exercise when I can and that's just how it is right now. I take offense easily when it comes to my body image so those comments really hit me. I know I shouldn't let stupid people bother me but comments like that are bound to get into my head.

Other than that, it was a great week of training and I was able to spend an evening at Disneyland, enjoying a few rides and some classic Disney food. I will be missing the magic for awhile but hopefully will be able to return sooner rather than later.


Turns out I haven't been feeling too hot and constantly wake up because my hips hurt so bad. This is all leading up to no sleep, broken back and hips, sickness and exhaustion. I've read that it's because she can already be dropping lower into my pelvis, causing more pressure on my hips. I've also experienced Braxton hicks for the first time so that's fun. On top of all of that I have been experiencing some hyper extension in my knees so now I have to be extra careful while lifting and I have to make sure that my knees are supported properly so they stay where they are supposed to.

Hellllloooooo 3rd trimester 😫


I have really been wanting a sandwich and knowing that I can't have one makes it so much worse. I could eat a sandwich everyday of my life and be perfectly content so I can't wait until I can chow down on a Dagwood from Belair

What's New:

Since I hit the 30 week mark, which means only 10ish more weeks to go, I decided I should start slowly washing the baby clothes, toys and blankets, just in case she arrives early. I have actually had multiple dreams that the is going to arrive early but knowing my luck she will try to hide out for as long as she absolutely can. I have been counting movements everyday and trying to figure out her schedule. She is all over the place so its a little difficult but usually i can get a good count between 9-10 at night. Her movements are getting stronger and stronger everyday and she likes to jam right up into my ribs.

At my last doctor's appointment she suggested I go out (of work) at 36 weeks which would technically mean only 6 more weeks of work to go, but we will see how long I can stick it our for. I would like to go a little longer but if my body says no and the doc says no, well then so be it. With everything that my husband and I have planned for October, it's going to go by just as fast as September went. On a tad bid freaking out.

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