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Welcome 3rd trimester

Today marks the day of my third trimester aka home stretch

Today at the doctor:

I received my RH (rhogam) shot because my blood type is O- and the shot is to make sure my blood doesn't attack the babies blood.

I also got a T-dap (whooping cough) shot so I am expecting both my arms to be sore later.

The doctor measured my belly and checked the babies heart rate and everything looks good. The only thing she had to say was that I have gained too much weight. They have been telling me that since like my second appointment. Even with watching what I eat and exercise, I still am gaining too much weight according to them but whada gunna do. Can't starve myself and can't do things that hurt my back so I am at a crossroads. I am just going to have to work my ass off once baby is here and I am in the clear to go ham again in the gym.

What's new:

After working an 8hr graveyard shift, Lance and I decided to head out of town for a few hours to get away with the dogs. First stop, coffee and bagels, then off to Marin County for a beach day. All the beasts ran wild in the sand and played with other dogs. It was Marley's first long car ride and first trip to the beach and she loved it. Still a lot of leash work to do with her though. We believe that our biggest furbaby, Kai, is suffering from canine cognitive dysfunction, basically dementia/Alzheimer's. He has progressively been getting worse about "getting stuck." For example he goes to walk and then suddenly freezes in whatever position he is in. Mostly at night and sometimes during the day he will find a corner and go stand in it and face the wall and we have to pull him out of it. If this is the case, its going to get even more interesting in my household. I have never cared for a dog with a disability before but I guess there's a first time for everything.

The hubs set up the crib today and that basically completes the babies room. We have a baby shower on Saturday and then I will be out of town training for work for a week so the hubs has to hold down the fort. I am excited for the baby shower and to see all of Lance's family and all the goodies baby H is going to get. She is already spoiled.

It's hard to believe its basically mid September and that October will be here before we know it. Once I get back from my training we have our first baby class at the hospital and its an all day class. I am a little worried about having to be there all friggin day with a bunch of people (i just don't like people) but we have no idea what we are doing so any education on labor and delivery is better than nothing. We have been reading a lot about how it's all going to go down at the hospital but mostly about what to expect when baby is finally home.

We have two baby showers planned next month, plus the best holiday there is. Halloween. And we have a few more baby classes scheduled, so I expect October to go by just as fast as September already has.

12 more weeks to go until we are parents




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