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Trying to prepare

This week marks the last week of my 2nd trimester! Next week I will be 28 weeks which is roughly 7 months pregnant. I feel like I just took that pregnancy test and now we are already here. Home stretch. During week 29 I will be at training away from home and without the hubs, which is a little scary but I am really excited about learning and getting away. I will also be flying home on a plane with my big belly so fingers crossed I do well with that.


I won't lie, I am completely freaking out about labor and delivery. I have been reading a lot to try to help ease the anxiety for what's to come but it's only slightly helping. With both classes scheduled for the next couple of months and more reading, I am really hoping that this will all better prepare me mentally for the big day.

I can't bring myself to watch any labor videos yet, it still freaks me out. Just the pure thought of pushing out a tiny human out of your vajay is beyond me. I know it has to happen and the end result will ultimately be life changing but holy crap.

In other news

The babies room is practically done, the replacement crib arrived today (earlier than we thought) and still needs to be put together but that is the final piece to the puzzle. Her room is all cleaned and ready to receive all of the gifts her friends and family are going to spoil her with.

I have been reading up on what to pack in my hospital bag. Everyone has their opinion and I am all ears so give me what you got.

While the nursery is practically completed, there is still lots to be done. We have been purging a bunch of unused things and are going to make a big trip to the goodwill. We still have a few things to do in the apartment/loft to get ready for all the visitors for when baby H arrives. Yard work is of course never ending with this huge yard but we have some cool plans to make some benches in the back to surround our fire pit and to build our raised garden beds. We are also going to build a bocce ball court which is super awesome and I wish we would have done it sooner. This whole area will be completely transformed into a little bocce hangout.

Wanna read a little story?......

How I told him

Most don't know but I thought I would share the story on how I told my husband we were having a baby.

I thought for sure I was just having some weird lady time problems but that turned into 1 week which turned into 2 weeks, so I thought, meh what the hell I guess I'll pee on a stick, but I know it will be negative. For sure. Well little did I know that those 2 lines would show up and change my whole life. So naturally I took another test just to make sure and same result. Baby is -a- brewing.

I can't keep news like that to myself for long so of course it was boiling inside of me and I really wanted to tell my husband. I thought it would be hilarious to catch him off guard, while he was getting ready to go to the gym. On April 1st 2016, (April Fools Day) I cornered him in the kitchen, mid protein shake, and gave him the pregnancy test.



And then, "are you for real?!"

No, this isn't an April fools prank I swear. This time anyways.....

We really are having a little baby bean

Who knew he could be more excited than I was. I think I was more in freak out mode and he was full of heart eyes.

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