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26 Weeks Pregnant

Hows baby?

She is about 2 pounds and the size of a butternut squash. She can now open and close her eyes.

Yesterday I went in for another anatomy scan since at 20 weeks baby H was measuring small. This time she is measuring right on track! Her little cheeks appear to be really squishy already and her kicks are getting stronger. This time she was facing down compared to being breech last time which is always a good sign. She still has a lot of room to move around though.

After my anatomy scan I stayed and did the gestational diabetes test, which means I had to drink a very concentrated orange soda glucose drink. It actually wasn't terrible which was good but the after taste was strange. After waiting an hour and getting my blood drawn, I am thankfully in the clear. No diabetes for me!

Since she can hear not only my voice but other people as well, I have been trying to play a lot of music. Throwing it back to old school indie rock like Coheed, Taking Back Sunday, The Used, to some country music and classical piano at bedtime.

Hows mom?

The bigger I get the harder it is to breath! I am carrying all of this baby and baby weight mostly in my torso so it feels like my belly is already super stretched and my lungs are being squished. I get winded just walking now so working out is getting extremely difficult for me. Second trimester is almost over and then we will be in the home stretch.

Doesn't she already look super buff?! haha


This last week I finally have been craving the sweet stuff. Cookies and ice cream but I am resisting as much as I can so I dont push it with the diabetes and weight gain. I have been eating a lot of ground turkey to get in my protein intake, not a craving but just about the only protein I can eat right now.


Today has already been a busy day. Our rocker/glider came, we are getting the damaged dresser replaced and we are also having an electrician install the ceiling light.

We had to send our crib back because when we opened the box we discovered a huge crack in one of the pieces and that's just not going to fly. Unfortunately the new replacement crib wont be here until October. The crib is the final piece to the nursery and then its all done! woot woot. I wanted to get it done early so when I do finally go out on maternity leave I can focus on other nesting tasks like all the baby clothes I will have to wash and put away and all the cleaning that will need to be done around the house. Anyone wanna help? hehe

This month we are going to see Coheed and Cambria in concert, baby H's first concert which I am super pumped about. Fav band. *heart eyes* Then the day after we are driving 5-6 Hours to Burbank for our L.A. baby shower.

So far so good! In two weeks I am going in for some shots and another check up. September is already super busy and is going to go by so fast! Scary how fast pregnancy flies by.

I finished making a ton of burp cloths that I will blog about later for a D.I.Y and I also made a few bandana bibs.

Stay tuned.

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