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Up-Cycle Pillows

My brother bought some old army fabric a few years ago and recently gave it to me to make some pillows. I thought this was a great way to up-cycle some cool fabric and to be able to showcase it for people, especially since somewhere the is a story behind this fabric.

Pillows are pretty simply to put together. All you need is enough fabric for 2 squares measuring the same size. These pillows were 18"x18"

1st: Cut the fabric into desired size.

Next I cut a strip of these old buttons into 18" long to span across the width of the pillow to add a decorative touch.

Pin the decorative strip to one side of the pillow squares and then pin the other square to the first, right sides in.

Sew the sides together leaving a small opening to stuff the pillow. I used a Singer Serger machine and actually serged it twice since the fabric is so think, I wanted to make sure the pillows didn't bust open over time.

Then flip the pillow right side out and press the edges

Stuff until desired fluffiness and close the opening. I just hand stitched a back stitch to close the opening.

Wah-La! Finished pillow and only took about an hour from start to finish.


#diy #pillow #sew #serger #upcycle

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