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25 Weeks pregnant

Here I am, 25 weeks pregnant which means only 15 more weeks to go!

How's Baby?

Baby H is getting bigger and stronger everyday, her movements are now visible so you can see her squirming around. I am still trying to figure out her schedule, for now she likes to sleep most of the day and is awake at night. She is more active on my work days, maybe because I am talking for 12+ hours a day?

This week she is the size of a rutabaga, she should be measuring around 13.5 inches long and 1.5 lbs, although I don's know how accurate that is since she was measuring small at my 20 week anatomy scan appointment. I am going back next week for a re-scan to see how she is doing.

How's Mom?

I can't complain, I am growing a little goo! Although I feel very uncomfortable already, winded, large, gross skin, I am glad to be going through this. At first I didn't think this whole thing was real, no way there's a baby in there, no.way. But now that I am growing bigger and bigger and her movements are getting stronger, I know that there is a little bean in there and I already love her. (it's so weird) I don't like going out in public because I feel so gross and I hate wearing clothes because seeing my body change (growing bigger) has really gotten into my head. I know I am supposed to get bigger but for someone that suffers from extreme body dysmorphic disorder, this has been extremely challenging for me.

I have still been working out on days that I can, still lifting heavy weight although not as much as I used to be able to do. Mental game is strong with that but I know I have to take it a little easier now that I am growing a human. Doctor said more cardio since I keep gaining weight *cough* so I got an elliptical and try to get on there a few days a week for some extra cardio. Let me just tell you, cardio is the devil.

Sometime in the next week or so I have to go in for gestational diabetes test and am hoping nothing is abnormal and more importantly that I don't have the betus. I also have to get the Rhogam shot since my blood type is O- and the whooping cough shot.


I honestly haven't been craving much lately, its actually been difficult for me to even want to eat because I feel so uncomfortably big, like I am "full" all the time. I have been trying to eat more protein since that's what I have been struggling with (prior to being pregnant all I did was eat meat). I opt for more carbs


4 weeks from now is Baby H's first concert. Yes, I will be 28 weeks pregnant but I think it's only appropriate that her first concert is Coheed & Cambria (my favorite band)

The next day we are driving down to Burbank, CA for our first baby shower for Lance's family since most of them wont be able to drive up to us.


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