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When you having withdraws from taking pi
Hanging out in mill valley today
Trying to build my strength back up, tak
#imonabeach in my flippy floppies
I can’t even 😍 #myicyheartjustmelted #H
When I think about quitting I remember w
about me
Cassidy McGuire

I am a full time working momma who is happily married and the ring leader of our suburban farm. We have 3 dogs, 1 bunny, and a handful of chicken's.  I love home DIY's / decor / gardening / and anything crafty or something that I can keep my hands busy with. I blog when I can about my interests which seem to be all over the map and I am ok with that. My husband and I purchased our first home in 2017 and we are excited to share renovations, projects and home decor with you all.

I am SO glad you have stopped by the blog today to read little snippets of this suburban life we are living. Please subscribe if you would like to keep up with blog posts.




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